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December 2nd, 2020
Episode #1310
Dr. Allen Buchanan
Author & James B. Duke Professor of Philosophy, Duke University
Is tribalism ― the political and cultural divisions between Us and Them ― an inherent part of our basic moral psychology? Many scientists link tribalism and morality, arguing that the evolved “moral mind” is tribalistic. Any escape from tribalism, according to this thinking, would be partial and fragile, because it goes against the grain of our nature. Dr. Allen Buchanan offers a counterargument: the moral mind is highly flexible, capable of b...
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Episode #1311
Irwin Redlener MD
Author, Pediatrician & Founding Director, National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University’s Earth Institute
Inadequate education, barriers to health care and crushing poverty make it overwhelmingly difficult for many children to realize their dreams. Finding ways to alter these trajectories is serious grown-up business says Dr. Irwin Redlener. He draws upon his years of professional experiences to examine our nation’s health care safety nets and special programs that are designed to protect and nurture our most vulnerable kids, but that too often fa...
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  • "Smart and caring."
    Heather Lende, NYTimes Bestselling Author
  • "Not only did Kathryn ask excellent, insightful questions, but her thoughtfulness, intellectual curiosity, clear commitment to help others, and great kindness were highly evident."
    Holly Parker, PhD
  • "Such a sensitive, thoughtful interview..."
    David Leite
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