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Episode #1517
December 7th, 2022
Raising Students Who Excel
Since 1970, students from East Asia have outscored their U.S. counterparts on every international student comparative test. Every test over 50 years; no exceptions. “Why is this always true?” asked Dr. Cornelius Grove. Now he has answers. Immersing himself in hundreds of research reports concerning East Asian children’s learning advantages, he uncovered the historical and cultural factors behind East Asians repeated successes. Dr. Grove explores the ways East Asian parents instill in their children a receptiveness to the formal learning process and explains the values underlying the parents’ mindset He gives us an outline for action for American parents who deeply value academic learning. Dr. Grove holds a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Johns Hopkins and a Doctor of Education from Columbia. He has had a decades-long fascination with the cultural factors that affect children’s ability to learn in school.
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