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Episode #1535
February 8th, 2023
Learning Differently
Every parent of a school-aged child knows students are struggling. Seventy percent of students aren’t performing sufficiently at grade level. The National Center for Educational Statistics reports that reading and math scores for fourth graders in 2022, following the pandemic, dropped to levels not seen in two decades, with the greatest decline in students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). Award-winning ’Neuroeducator" Betsy Hill is committed to helping children achieve their fullest learning potential by using tested and proven neuroscience. She and co-author Roger Stark bring forth the guide to helping parents understand how brains learn and how their child’s brain learns best, empowering parents like never before. Hill teaches strategic thinking at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management holds an MA in Teaching and an MBA from Northwestern University.
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Your Child Learns Differently, Now What? The Truth for ParentsBuy
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