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Episode #1648
March 20th, 2024
Magic in the Classroom
Without question, schools today grapple with obstacles unheard of a generation ago, and yet, elementary school principal Dr. Kathleen Corley has figured out how to transform her school into a warm, nurturing community where students embrace a passion for learning. As a 40-year veteran in elementary education, she shares how to overcome current obstacles in education with human interest stories that illuminate a brighter path forward. Using humor, insight and optimism, Dr. Corley reminds readers that despite the problems in schools today — disagreements about what students should or should not be taught, the lingering effects of COVID, etc. — magic still happens in classrooms. She who has been called a Pied Piper of Education, can be seen leading the student drumline down the halls of Palmetto’s Finest Award-winning Red Cedar Elementary School.
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The Magical Place We Call School: Creating a Safe Space for Learning and Happiness in a Challenging WorldBuy
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