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Episode #5820
June 5th, 2019
Saving The San Diego Zoo
Faced with the increasing rate of wildlife extinction, San Diego Zoo Global felt compelled to evolve into an organization that could make a significant impact on dwindling animal and plant species in the wild. Beth Branning SMP developed a strategic plan that provided the focus, prioritization and inspiration to mobilize thousands of employees and volunteers to rally behind a vision of leading the fight against extinction. She details how to unite supporters and help raise the barriers to success, regardless of the business. Achieving transformational results for an organization or business is vital, as doing so will deliver on the mission. With a background in journalism, Branning’s strategic planning process received the 2013 Association for Strategic Planning Goodman Award—the top international prize for strategic planning innovation and implementation.
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The Call - The Strategic Plan that Empowered San Diego Zoo Global to Lead the Fight Against ExtinctionBuy
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