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Episode #1665
May 22nd, 2024
A Lesson From K-Dramas
Mental health education for practitioners is lacking when it comes to cultural sensitivity for Asian patients and clients, according to Asian Mental Health Collective board president, Korean American licensed marriage and family therapist Jeanie Y. Chang. She noted that there's some stigma about mental health care within the Asian community in itself, explaining, “It is a very shame and guilt-based culture. It runs deep, the stigma, because of that.” One way Chang connects with her clients is through Korean entertainment. She explores how the wildly popular K-Drama global phenomenon can not just entertain us, but also help us grieve from losses, heal trauma and improve our overall mental health. She has presented her trademarked curriculum for many corporations such as Google J. Crew, Microsoft, Mondelez International, and the NFL.
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How K-Dramas Can Transform Your Life: Powerful Lessons on Belongingness, Healing, and Mental HealthBuy
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