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Episode #1633
January 31st, 2024
Lies Alcohol Told Me
Dustin Dunbar had it all, a beautiful wife, two sweet baby girls, a degree in psychology, and properties around the world—the building blocks of a nascent real estate empire. All the while, he happily believed every lie alcohol told him, such as how whisky, beer and doing shots are an integral part of being a “real man.” It wasn’t until after many damaging years of alcohol dependency that he escaped what he dubs “the alcohol matrix,” breaking free from the myths that alcohol compelled him to believe in. Dunbar exposes the practices used by advertisers and marketers to entrap us to drink and invites us to discover the real you that thrives on the other side of addiction. He is a coach at, a non-profit online community helping others with alcohol addiction. Dunbar was handpicked by Ryan Seacrest in 2009 as the shrink and life coach on LA Shrink and Dallas Life Coach.
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