Abbot alumna inspires and educates through radio show
Episode #1628
January 10th, 2024
Arlo Needs Glases
Going from two eyes to four isn't a bummer! In fact, it's a rich adventure. Just ask Arlo, a shaggy, free-spirited dog who loves to play catch – until one day, he can’t see the ball anymore. He needs glasses! Barney Saltzberg shows kids the amazing powers of glasses in this treasure of a book. Inspired by his own canine companion, every child in glasses will know just how Arlo feels and will feel better because of it. Readers will follow along with Arlo as he does all the big firsts involved in getting glasses—visit a doctor, get tested on an eye chart, look through the phoropter. And then the fun part—choosing frames! What should Arlo get? Movie star glasses? Superhero glasses? Classic frames that never go out of style? Saltzberg has written tunes for the PBS show "Arthur" and continues to perform music for children.
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