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Episode #1615
November 29th, 2023
Garden Bandits
Cate, a curious and compassionate butterfly, is jostled out of a daydream and finds herself face-to-face with a fuzzy stranger who buzzes away before the two have a chance to chat. When Cate notices that the flower petals are missing from her garden, she begins to wonder if the bumblebee is stealing the petals! She soon finds out that this mysterious and somewhat frightening bumblebee is not a thief at all but rather a kind-hearted creature who needs the petals to feed his family. She learns that the flower- hopping 'bandit’ pollinates the plants to help them grow stronger and more beautiful, highlighting for young children how our world and everything in it is interconnected. Betsy Coffeen holds a MA in psychology from ASU and was honored with the Childhelp Helping Hand Award for her decades of dedication to philanthropy.
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