Abbot alumna inspires and educates through radio show
Episode #1442
March 9th, 2022
Entrepreneur Bukola Somide introduces “Somi” the Computer Scientist. This beautiful interactive African American doll focuses on exposing kids to computer science concepts in a fun way. Her aim is to engage, educate, and inspire children everywhere. The Somi doll also touches on Cyberbullying, to bring awareness to what it is and to then encourage better online conduct. This interactive STEM doll also uses real life situations to explain coding terminology to children. Somide has worked for big tech giants like Intel. She’s worked in the IT industry for 17 years and throughout her career recalls being the only Black person or Black woman on the Software Development team. After years of success in her field, Somide's vision is to help increase the number of minority girls thriving in the Computer Science industry.
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