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Episode #1443
March 9th, 2022
Communication with Kids
Science has shown that the best way to help our kids become independent, confident, kind, empathetic, and happy is by talking with them. Yet, so often, parents, educators, and caregivers are at a loss and have trouble communicating with kids. Conversations can feel trivial or strained—or worse, are marked by constant conflict. Rebecca Rolland, EdD, faculty member at Harvard Medical School and language specialist in the Neurology Department of Children’s Hospital Boston shares an invaluable guide that provides readers with evidence-based tools and techniques to communicate more effectively with children, helping them foster relationships with less conflict and more joy and kindness. Rolland frequently consults with organizations working to design powerful learning experiences for kids and adults, including the World Bank.
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THE ART OF TALKING WITH CHILDREN The Simple Keys to Nurturing Kindness, Creativity and Confidence in KidsBuy
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