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Episode #1611
November 15th, 2023
The ADHD Riddle
So your child has been on Ritalin or one of the other ADHD drugs -- and you’re thinking perhaps even possibly for life. Or maybe your youngster has been diagnosed, but no amount of school behavioral therapy or special education is easing your child’s struggle. Until now, the interventions that have been proposed for children who are diagnosed with some aspect of ADHD have failed to get to the root cause of ADHD. In other words, doctors, psychologists, administrators, teachers and parents are treating symptoms, but not the cause. According to Connie McReynolds PhD, the real cause of ADHD is that a child’s brain has auditory and visual processing shortcomings. That’s not a hearing or seeing issue—it’s that the brain cannot fully hold or interpret the information coming in. She is a licensed psychologist, professor certified rehabilitation counselor, and podcast host of Roadmap to the Brain.
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