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Episode #1588
August 23rd, 2023
The Truth About Horses
Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, fourteen-year-old Reese discovers they can — in the worst possible way. Her family’s dream of winning the Black Elk race is shattered when their beloved horse, Trusted Treasure, falls at the last jump. Reese witnesses the family’s finances, hopes, and happiness go up in smoke. While still reeling from that loss, the family suffers a second tragedy, resulting in the sale of Trusted Treasure that irreparably damages Reese’s relationship with her father. Heartbroken, Reese searches everywhere to find Trusted Treasure in the hopes she can bring him home and heal the rift with her father. Christy Cashman will have you laughing and crying – sometimes on the same page – all the while rooting for Reese, the most unlikely of heroes. She is an American author, actress, and producer who has appeared in more than twenty films, including Kettle of Fish, The Love Guide, American Hustle, Joy, The Descendants, Ted 2, The Women, The Golden Boys, The Forger and many others.
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