Abbot alumna inspires and educates through radio show
Episode #1475
June 29th, 2022
Happiness Workbook
Summer is a fun time for most children, but these past few years have been tough! Helping your children bounce back from the pandemic and point towards happier experiences this summer may sound like a big job. The good news is you’re not alone, and learning how to help them become stronger, more resilient, and ultimately, happier is important- for you and them. Maureen Healy brings us a great resource with ideas for experiences that bring us closer together and provide happy memories while learning, exploring and having new adventures. She is an award-winning author, educator, sought-after speaker, and leader in the field of children’s emotional health, especially resilience education. She has reached millions worldwide through her popular blog on Psychology Today and is a favored expert source for media channels such as the NY Times, Forbes, Scholastic Magazine, ABC, NBC, PBS’s This Emotional Life series, and Disney’s The Fatherhood Project, with Hank Azaria.
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