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Episode #1415
December 1st, 2021
Crisis Management
You have seen Robert A. Jensen―you just never knew it. As owner of the world’s largest disaster management company, Kenyon International Emergency Services, he has spent most of his adult life responding to tragedy. From the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, and the Bali bombings, to the 2004 South Asian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, Jensen has been at the practical level of international incidents, assisting with the recovery of bodies, identifying victims, and repatriating and returning their personal effects to the surviving family members. He is also crucially involved in the emotional recovery that comes after a disaster. He shares a rare glimpse into the difficult work he does behind the yellow tape and the lessons learned. Jensen also tells his own story―how the personal toll repeated exposure to mass death brings - becoming what GQ called 'the best at the worst job in the world.
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Personal Effects: What Recovering the Dead Teaches Me About Caring for the LivingBuy
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