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Episode #1244
April 15th, 2020
Good Sex
Opportunities for pleasure are everywhere - from sex to food to exotic escapes - yet we are becoming increasingly more depressed and anxious. Research shows that many people are having less sex, and those who do have a lot, enjoy it less. For more than thirty years, Dr. Nan Wise has worked as a therapist helping people achieve more satisfying sexual lives. She not only reveals the fundamental problems of how we think about sex and pleasure but also how we've arrived at this problematic relationship. She's contributed her expertise to the National Geographic, Washington Post and HuffPost. Dr. Nan writes a regular column for Glamour and has a recurring blog for Psychology Today where she addresses readers’ sexual health questions.
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Why Good Sex Matters: Understanding the Neuroscience of Pleasure for a Smarter, Happier, and More Purpose-Filled LifeBuy
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