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Episode #1671
June 12th, 2024
Kissing Girls on Shabbat
With honesty and courage NYTimes Modern Love contributor -Please God Help Me Stop Missing Her- Dr. Sara Glass tells her coming-of-age, awakening and survivor story. As a teen growing up in the small, insular Gur Hasidic sect in Borough Park, Brooklyn she had accepted her calling as a servant of God: to become a dutiful wife and bear children. Still, she had questions. Hardest of all was to understand why she so deeply and powerfully felt a love that she was taught to hate — love for someone of her own sex. She takes us inside the community and family in which she was raised, her two troubled marriages, and her struggles with shame, guilt and the dread of losing her children. We follow her through a hard-won divorce and her extraordinary journey to finding herself. Sara, therapist, writer and speaker, helps members of the queer community and individuals who have survived trauma to live bold, honest and proud lives.
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