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Episode #1643
March 6th, 2024
The Power of Improv
Improv has given us some of the greatest creative work ever produced. From Louis Armstrong to Robin Williams, their genius was forged from their in-the-moment brilliance. Improv has also led to great advancements in science, technology, and business, with the idea of “yes, and…” leading to the openness that drives innovation. But as Randy Fertel—born in New Orleans and raised on its jazz—shows us, improv has also led to phrases like “Lock Her Up,” and the rise of a past—and perhaps future—President who connects with his supporters with an off-the-cuff speaking style they perceive as authentic and straight-shooting. Fertel explains the persuasive power of Trump’s charismatic BS-ing in historical context, and he shows how a facility with improvisation has played a pivotal role in so much of our cultural, political, and scientific development. He has a PhD from Harvard University, and is president of the Ruth U Fertel Foundation, named for his mother, Ruth Fertel, founder of Ruth's Chris Steak House.
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Winging It: Improv’s Power & Peril in the Time of AI & TrumpBuy
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