Kathryn interviews NY Times Best Selling Author Abigail Tucker
Episode #1263
June 17th, 2020
Dangerous Rhetoric
Communication has the potential to do great harm, yet civic leaders and engaged citizens can hold leaders accountable to prevent such harm. Helio Fred Garcia focuses on the language President Trump uses that conditions an audience to accept, condone and commit violence against a targeted group, rival or critic. He includes a history of such rhetoric and identifies a playbook of twelve forms of communication that typically precede acts of mass violence up to and including genocide. The Nazis used all twelve; the Rwandan Hutu used ten. Trump uses all twelve. Garcia is on the adjunct faculties of NYU and Columbia University. His book, The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively, was named to the United States Marine Corps Commandant's Professional Reading List for five consecutive years.
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