Kathryn Interviews Jonathan Mooney, NY Times Best-Selling Author of “Normal Sucks”
Episode #5777
January 9th, 2019
Parenting Adolescents
For most parents, the onset of puberty brings an unexpected, even unwelcome change in their child’s behavior, which can cause bewilderment, confusion, and sadness. Well-known counselor, author, and educator Carl Pickhardt PhD draws on decades of work to help parents navigate the changes adolescence will bring about in their relationships with their children. Pickhardt covers topics ranging from friendships and dating to substance use and abuse, social cruelty and technology. He is the author of fifteen parenting books and was a lead feature story in the Wall Street Journal, The Only Child A Dose of Sibling Rivalry. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CNN and NPR.
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Who Stole My Child? Parenting Through the Four Stages of AdolescenceBuy
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