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Episode #1658
April 24th, 2024
Mother Daughter Relationship
This first, most important bond, the mother-daughter relationship, can be fraught with pitfalls and devastating ups and downs — the seeds for which may have been planted generations ago. Sometimes, it can seem like the conflicts have no end, leaving the mother or daughter exhausted, exasperated and sad for all that has been lost. Bestselling author Leslie Glass and her daughter, award-winning documentarian Lindsey Glass, share their guide to help readers repair the fractures in their mother-daughter relationships. Through sharing their own compelling, tumultuous history, they help readers understand that even if mothers and daughters go off track, go to war and part ways for years, they can still find their way back to friendship, understanding and love. They are editors of the popular online recovery and wellness magazine Reach Out Recovery. Together, they produced the award-winning documentary The Secret World of Recovery and the WEDU/ PBS special The Silent Majority.
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