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Episode #1644
March 6th, 2024
Modern Masculinity
Men are in crisis. The old model of masculinity is dying. Women are saying “enough” to it and so are many men. Your father’s masculinity—the one that denied him any emotions except anger and too often led to tragic personal, familial, and social outcomes—is rightfully going the way of the dinosaur. But what should replace it and how can men embrace a new, healthy model of masculinity? Stephan B. Poulter Phd offers a comprehensive answer. Threaded with stories from his work with men, self-assessment quizzes, and practical strategies, he guides men in cultivating emotional intelligence, building meaningful relationships and overcoming trauma. He sheds some light on the link between toxic masculinity and male violence as well as the shame men experience when asking for help from doctors or medical professionals. Stephan is a renowned LA based clinical psychologist with over thirty years of experience. He is married, a father of four, and an author of several books including The Shame Factor and Father Your Son.
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