Abbot alumna inspires and educates through radio show
Episode #1632
January 24th, 2024
No one expected Jane Boulware, the scrappy girl from the cornfields of Iowa, who paid for college selling used carpet to become a leader of billion-dollar businesses and a top Microsoft executive. She now reflects on her unconventional path from poverty to success seamlessly blending humor, introspection and a fiery spirit. She confronts societal norms and the demanding realm of corporate America. Jane delves deep, sharing her triumphs, personal struggles, and battle with bulimia, all approached with genuine transparency and compassion. What truly sets this memoir apart is her perspective on success. For her, it's not about mere titles or individual milestones. It's about collaboration, 'reaching back to lift others,' and recognizing that true success is a collective journey. Jane has launched three billion-dollar businesses, been VP of the largest merger in the history of the US, forged global alliances and served on many boards including Boys and Girls Clubs.
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