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Episode #1512
November 16th, 2022
From Burnout to Engagement
Following the transition to virtual and hybrid work structures during the pandemic, many employees are stressed, disengaged, and ultimately burned out, and they feel that their employers are making no effort to help. Leadership and management lecturers at Johns Hopkins University, Mia Baytop Russell PhD and co-Author Girvin Liggins PhD, teach business leaders how to facilitate a workplace environment that—instead of causing burnout—cultivates energy, enthusiasm, and participation. Dr. Russell offers a framework and collection of interconnected principles that can help you build a positive and effective work environment. Inspired by the stories, anecdotes, and strategies included in the book, you will find support and tools for creating an environment that fosters engagement for your team.
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FIRED UP!: A guide to transforming your team from burnout to engagementBuy
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