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Episode #1618
December 6th, 2023
Eat You'll Feel Better
Is hunger real? Can food affect a negotiation? Does who I'm eating with change the flavor of my meal? Mary Beth Albright, award-winning food journalist, attorney and author of Eat and Flourish, answers these questions and more in EAT YOU’LL FEEL BETTER. It's a weekly 20 minute podcast for listeners curious about food, wellness, and science, and those who care about eating well but are too busy to devote their lives to it. She offers one practical action you can take each week to enhance your food mood connection. What we consume affects our physical and emotional health. She talks to chefs, researchers, food developers, flavorists, and others in the fields of food, health, and wellness. Albright is a former Washington Post food correspondent, a finalist on Food Network Star and an Iron Chef competitor. She has also written for National Geographic and was a restaurant critic for DC Magazine. Albright is a frequent panel moderator, including for the U.S. State Department and the Smithsonian.
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