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Episode #1606
October 25th, 2023
No Address
As of January 2023, homelessness in Phoenix has increased 72% since 2017. The problem is widespread and seems to have no solution in sight. Robert Craig, founder of Robert Craig Films will soon release No Address, a scripted feature film that sheds light on the human side of homelessness with beautiful and compelling storytelling. The movie is just one part of a five-pronged approach called The Big 5 Campaign - a combination of five inspiring productions that, in addition to the film, include a documentary, book, music and interactive resource guide, all focused on homelessness and geared to inspire action. The Big 5 Campaign also integrates "The Big 5 Giveback.” Robert Craig Films is pledging $1,000,000 from the Robert Craig Foundation, along with 50% of the net proceeds from all five productions, to assist nonprofits addressing homelessness.
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