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Episode #1582
August 2nd, 2023
Heal Your Daughter
The statistics are jarring when discussing the current mental health crisis among teens: 30% of America’s teenage girls have contemplated suicide in the past year; 24% had suicidal thoughts “with a plan,” which meets the criteria for in-patient admission. Dr. Cheryl L. Green addresses the unique stress factors impacting teenage girls and gives parents or other caregivers six concrete ways to help their daughters develop health-promoting, depression-reversing habits. She begins by explaining the new field of lifestyle psychiatry, and provides state of the art, evidence-based information and guidance related to six lifestyle domains: nutrition, detoxification, exercise, sleep, emotional connectedness, and stress reduction. She is a board certified lifestyle psychiatrist based in Southern California and holds degrees from Harvard University, Princeton University and Stanford University School of Medicine.
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Heal Your Daughter: How Lifestyle Psychiatry Can Save Her from Depression, Cutting, and Suicidal ThoughtsBuy
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