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Episode #1554
April 26th, 2023
Unimaginable Loss
On January 9, 2018, heavy rainfall combined with deforestation from recent wildfires caused a series of mudflows northwest of Montecito. The incident was responsible for 23 deaths and caused $177 million in property damage. News of the mudslide that ravaged the unsuspecting community made national headlines. Among those headlines was the tragic story of the Cantin family. Kim Cantin along with her husband, two children and family dog were separated during the mudslide. When Kim was rescued that morning, she learned that her teen daughter miraculously had been found. Tragically, her husband did not survive and her son was missing. What transpired in the devastating aftermath of the Cantin tragedy is a powerful 3 1/2 year journey to find her son’s remains. From organizing and performing for celebrity fundraisers for other mudslide victims to immersing herself in her art-singing-she has embraced her healing process in profound ways.
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Where Yellow Flowers Bloom: A True Story of Hope through Unimaginable LossBuy
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