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Episode #1621
December 20th, 2023
My Grief
In June 2019, Theo Boyd was content and fulfilled. She enjoyed teaching high school English and was proud to have a daughter in college. She had a beautiful home in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, and a successful husband. She had a close, loving relationship with her sister and her parents. Life had become what she had always wanted—until July 29, 2019. On that terrible day, her mother was killed in a tragic farming accident, run over by a tractor her father was driving. She writes with honesty and raw emotion about the day that started the contagion of devastating events that would leave her “without hope, without purpose, without direction.” Theo had no idea of the blows to come over the next three years. She reveals the story of her struggle with complicated lingering grief that comes after unexpected unspeakable loss. Theo is a former high school English teacher and an active volunteer in community organizations.
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My Grief Is Not Like Yours: Learning to Live after Unimaginable Loss, A Daughter's StoryBuy
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