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Episode #1502
October 12th, 2022
Filthy Rich
Naïve young attorney Ryan Coleman jumps feet first into the hedonist world of wealth and power at the core of class-action law and finds himself in way over his head in a satirical legal thriller filled with scenarios loosely based on real-world interactions with lawyers, judges and plaintiffs. Included in the cast of colorful characters is Eugenia “Gene” Cauley, a female shark in the male-dominated legal world whose life spirals tragically out of control, and Randy Hollis, an insanely successful lawyer turned multi-billionaire, who is pursuing his ultimate American dream: buying a professional football team. Author and attorney Brian Felgoise alongside Co-Author David Tabatsky reveal the surprising ways in which our system of class-action law enables (mostly) men to get ridiculously wealthy and behave like sophomoric frat boys. As media billionaire Mortimer Zuckerman once said referring to some lawyer’s self indulgence and unbridled hubris, "Practicing law is the exact opposite of sex. Even when it’s good it’s bad."
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