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Episode #1334
February 24th, 2021
Federal Prison
Some were model citizens – until they weren’t. Many of the participants who stormed the US Capitol on Jan. 6 are now facing the consequences of their actions, including the likelihood of serving time in federal prison. At least some of them, who may have never crossed swords with the justice system before, won’t be prepared for what’s ahead, says Christopher Zoukis. His firm provides assistance and advice to people already in prison or who are about to be incarcerated. Zoukis himself served a dozen years in federal prison, earning a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree while behind bars, so much of the advice he gives his clients comes from personal experience. He’s been interviewed by The Washington Post, USA Today, NY Daily News, The Hill, CNN, Fox News, Detroit Free Press and other media outlets.
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Directory of Federal Prisons: The Unofficial Guide to Bureau of Prisons InstitutionsBuy
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