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Episode #1500
October 5th, 2022
Middle Managers
Everything that we’ve always hated about middle managers remains true. They don’t get to make big decisions but have to inspire or even force employees to execute on them. Yet mid-level employees are now facing the Great Resignation and Great Reentry, caring for employees’ physical and mental wellbeing, rolling out DEI training, and implementing hybrid workflow processes, all with limited resources. In a recent Fast Company article, Work Life Section Senior Editor Julia Herbst details how the pandemic, and the new workplace environment it’s created, is posing a challenge to middle managers. She breaks down how executives priorities and those of lower level employees diverge, and what that means for those sandwiched between. Julia points out “There’s a reason for the old adage that people quit managers not companies”.
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We Need to Understand Middle Managers Amid Today’s Workplace ChallengesLearn
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