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Episode #1489
August 24th, 2022
Starting With Surrogacy
Evie Jeang is a licensed attorney in California and New York and the Founder of Ideal Legal Group, practicing in the areas of international family and surrogacy law. She is a surrogacy expert and is the President and CEO of Surrogacy Concierge, an agency that helps couples create families by connecting them with surrogates. Many LBGTQ+ couples have chosen Surrogacy Concierge because of its world class associates, including hospitality, legal and medical professionals. Jeang understands first-hand the impact that a demanding career or health issues can have on one’s ability to expand their family. Career driven in her twenties, she knew she wanted a child but didn't want to get married. She froze her eggs, and later had her son Evan via surrogate in 2014. Jeang has been featured in Forbes, LA Business Journal and on CNBC.
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