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Episode #1468
June 8th, 2022
Drunk Log
Jack Current isn’t just hoping to drown his sorrows during his evening pub crawl through downtown Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine neighborhood; he’s hoping to actually drown — in the Ohio River. But not until he has poured his heart onto paper in the dollar store notebook he’s got with him. Aptly referred to as The Drunk Log, Jack’s notebook contains the secret to his pain, and a bartender with a sixth sense will sneak a peek, just in time. Mark E. Scott’s compelling story of one man’s last hurrah, Drunk Log, invites readers to follow a relatable protagonist who, in the midst of buckling under oppressive guilt, embarks on one last bar crawl before he plans to end his own life. Scott spent four years traveling the world aboard the USS Mount Whitney, later completing a degree in Education, only to become a banker soon thereafter. Drunk Log is a darkly humorous introspective exploration into one man’s attempt to find peace in the face of unrelenting pain.
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