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Episode #1428
January 19th, 2022
Health Care
Dr. Michael J. Young, a practicing surgeon for 30 years examines how one experiences medical treatment from both sides of the table, including the significant obstacles patients endure, as well as the exasperation many of the truly dedicated medical professionals feel. The controlling arrogance of the insurance industry and the clout pharmaceutical companies have over us has become overwhelming. Patients have essentially no control and doctors have lost the ability to direct their own profession. Profit-driven corporations dictate how our care is now governed. Most painful is how we are treated by the medical system itself. Absent is the sense of concern and empathy we used to associate with the medical profession. He asserts medicine has become a mechanism of profit, a business whose own bureaucratic tendencies have spread like a powerful, aggressive disease. Dr. Young is presently a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Urology at the U of Illinois, involved in the innovation and development of surgical and medical devices
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