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Episode #1617
December 6th, 2023
Soul Immunity
Dr. Sophia Edwards-Bennett, an award-winning radiation oncologist, has dedicated her book to people diagnosed with and suffering from cancer. She provides compassionate guidance for patients and loved ones affected by a cancer diagnosis. Taking us past the dark aftermath of diagnosis, she entreats cancer patients to not indulge in a state of hopelessness, filled with the devastation of "why me?”. She shows us how to adopt hope rather than despair, embracing the journey of Soul immunity by relying on forgiveness and gratitude to achieve it. Dr. Sophia Edwards-Bennett holds her medical and oncology postgraduate education from Harvard’s Cancer Therapeutics and Research Program, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Cornell Medical College. She also has a podcast and Youtube channel where she positively influences the mindset of cancer patients.
Guest Links
The Path to Soul Immunity: Soul Currency for Life and The Big C with Dr. EBBuy
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