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Episode #1423
December 29th, 2021
Shoulda Got The Shot
The holiday season is here and many extended families have decided to get together for the first time in two years. Frank Kilpatrick, one of the creators of the PSA campaign Shoulda Got the Shot, is hoping that the prospect of that togetherness will prompt the unvaccinated to reconsider their stance. Because data driven PSA's weren't working to 'move the needle' Kilpatrick and his collaborators came up with a heartfelt, emotional, non-preachy, politically neutral approach.Their campaign features portrayals and testimonials from real people who have been seriously ill or lost a loved one from COVID19 and it has been a huge success. There have been more than 2,900 television airings since October, resulting in potential cumulative exposure to 20+ million viewers. Kilpatrick, a songwriter and founder of Healthcare Communications Group is an LA based entrepreneur, who often collaborates with Grammy Award winning producer Alex Wand.
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