Kathryn interviews NY Times Best Selling Author Abigail Tucker
Episode #1409
November 10th, 2021
The Business of Health
After 28 years in the health care business, Dr. David Wilcox has seen enough to realize that it truly is a “business,” as opposed to the kind-hearted healing service that most of us might imagine it to be. His new book reveals some unsettling facts. There is little or no transparency about hospital procedures so that the average health care consumer doesn't know how to access the healthcare system when they need it. He believes in proactive patient education and shares information, facts and tips that can help patients and family members navigate through the morass. Dr. Wilcox has nearly three decades of healthcare experience as a ICU nurse, transplant nurse, hospital administrator and in health care information technology.
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How To Avoid Being a Victim of the American Healthcare System: A Patient's Handbook for SurvivalBuy
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