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Episode #1377
July 21st, 2021
Fatherhood Defined
Parental roles have fluctuated throughout modern history. Covid has shifted that paradigm once again. Many fathers have transitioned to working from home, or unfortunately, not working at all. Both, however, presented fathers with greater opportunities to not only spend more time with their children but also have a more proactive role in parenthood. With the end of the pandemic in sight and the world returning to normalcy, fathers now face concerns over how much time they can dedicate to their children and what effect that will have. According to educational thought-leader and Author Carew Papritz, positive male role models are vital to a child's development, now more than ever, and studies show having a close relationship with your father is directly associated with an adolescents' psychological well-being. Papritz's writing has been published in a number of media outlets including Huffpost, Inc., Reader's Digest, The Insider Mag, & First Time Parent Magazine
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