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Episode #1346
April 7th, 2021
The Human Brain
Just 125,000 years ago, humanity was on a path to extinction, until a dramatic shift occurred. We used our mental abilities to navigate new terrain and changing climates. We hunted, foraged, tracked tides, shucked oysters — anything we could do to survive. Before long, our species had pulled itself back from the brink and was on more stable ground. What saved us? The human brain — and its evolutionary journey is unlike any other. Bret Stetka MD takes us on this far-reaching journey, explaining exactly how our most mysterious organ developed. A non-practicing physician and Editorial Director at, his work has appeared in NPR, Scientific American Magazine, WIRED, The Atlantic and more.
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A History of the Human Brain: From the Sea Sponge to CRISPR, How Our Brain EvolvedBuy
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