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Episode #1286
September 9th, 2020
Brain Health
American adults fear Alzheimer's more than any other disease - including cancer! And because many people do not realize there is no genetic cause for 99% of Alzheimer’s cases, they do not take the necessary steps to change lifestyle factors shown to significantly protect against the disease. Dr. Michelle Braun inspires readers to make lasting improvements by understanding the truth about the brain, offering 5 steps to achieve high-octane brain health. She’s a former instructor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Assistant Director of Inpatient Mental Health at the Boston Veterans Administration Hospital. Dr. Braun’s work has been featured in Psychology Today, CBS, Fox Morning News, Family Circle and more.
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High-Octane Brain: 5 Science-Based Steps to Sharpen Your Memory and Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer'sBuy
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