Kathryn interviews NY Times Best Selling Author Abigail Tucker
Episode #1242
April 8th, 2020
Women In Congress
In January 2019, the largest number of women ever elected to Congress was sworn in - 87 in the House and 23 in the Senate. In many instances, these were the first women and/or persons of color and/or youngest persons to serve from their state or district. Veteran NY Times Capitol Hill reporter Jennifer Steinhauer has been following this historic transition from day one and uses her rare vantage point to take a behind-the-scenes look at these newcomer’s individual and collective attempts to usher in real change in Washington. Steinhauer has covered numerous high-profile beats in her reporting career at the NY Times, from City Hall bureau chief and Los Angeles bureau chief to Capitol Hill. In 2006 she won the Newswoman’s Club of New York Front Page Deadline Reporting Award for her reporting on Hurricane Katrina.
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The Firsts: The Inside Story of the Women Reshaping CongressBuy
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