Kathryn Interviews Jonathan Mooney, NY Times Best-Selling Author of “Normal Sucks”
Episode #5893
February 12th, 2020
Ep. 1230 Modern Pregnancy
As many women know, the journey to motherhood is not always straightforward, and Leslie Schrock’s was no exception. Before delivering her son, she sadly experienced both a miscarriage and a non-viable pregnancy. Once pregnant, she searched for a modern guide, read academic journals and studied the research to help her through every stage of her pregnancy, but came up empty. The guides were outdated, didn’t speak directly to the modern or working mother and often excluded the latest research. Instead, she developed a part memoir/part practical guide that effectively debunks the most pervasive pregnancy myths to help readers take control of their parenting journey. Schrock was named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business and her work has been featured in publications including NPR, Time, GQ, Entrepreneur, Wired and The NY Times.
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Bumpin': The Modern Guide to Pregnancy: Navigating the Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Journey From Conception Through Birth and BeyondBuy
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