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Episode #1663
May 15th, 2024
Meeting Your Shadow Self
Therapist and bestselling author Victoria Lowery introduces the concept of the shadow self (the embodiment of one’s hidden elements) to the newest generation of young adult readers. Lowery brings us a kid-friendly story that shares the journey of Polly Parker, who has waited 14 years to meet her shadow and learn the six secrets that are prophesied to save the world from ancient, evil bloodlines.The six secrets have been kept hidden for millennia by a small group of so-called Freethinkers who wish to keep the rest of the world uninformed and underprivileged. The time has come for the seers to demand fairness and a new world of unity for all. But this directly affects the Freethinkers way of life, and they will stop at nothing to stay in control. She has been a radio host, a cable talk show host, a newspaper columnist and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Ohio. She also served as a Make-A-Wish Ambassador.
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