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Episode #1653
April 10th, 2024
Healing and Hope
In suspenseful and heart-rending detail, Sarah Cart recounts how, beginning with an incurable autoimmune disease, her husband developed one life-threatening condition after another. As each month passed, she felt her best friend, this brilliant businessman, successful entrepreneur, and energetically engaged father to their four sons, slipping away, until eventually they received devastating news: Ben needed a heart transplant. But that was only the tip of the iceberg. Two weeks after the COVID-19 lockdown, they realized Ben’s body was shutting down and his only hope was to get on the list and get that transplant now—in the midst of a pandemic. Thrust into the role of nurse and caregiver, she required a deep well of faith and grace as she confronted doubts, fears, endless setbacks, and red tape while struggling to help Ben regain whatever he could of all that had been lost.
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On My Way Back to You: One Couple's Journey through Catastrophic Illness to Healing and HopeBuy
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