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Episode #1651
April 3rd, 2024
Fifty-Seven Fridays
When their daughter Havi was a year old, Myra Sack and her physician husband Matt Goldstein noticed delays in her physical development. After physical therapy was prescribed with no noticeable progress, and more developmental milestones were missed, Myra and Matt, driven to find answers, sought out pediatric specialists. On December 17, 2019, their world was shattered. At fifteen months old, Havi was diagnosed with Tay-Sachs, a fatal neurodegenerative disease that can be revealed through genetic testing but was misreported to the couple. Havi was given just a year to live. Sack offers the readers nothing short of “an act of grace” in her memoir of Havi’s short life and the tragic journey to help her daughter live and die. She is certified in Compassionate Bereavement Care and has written for numerous publications including the Boston Globe, Upworthy, Hadassah Magazine and
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