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Episode #1629
January 17th, 2024
No One Can Stop Me
At just eight years old, Jennifer Hernandez, encountered horrors typically found in fiction – discovering her home unlocked and vandalized, with the terrifying word "Die" painted in blood-red on her bedroom wall. This marked the beginning of her tumultuous journey through parental abandonment, unstable living conditions, early substance use, teen pregnancy, and a search for belonging within the inner-city gangs of Chicago. If she was capable of escaping the depths of trauma and self-loathing to a life of recovery, abundance, and joy, she believes anyone who is brave enough to help themselves can do the same. In her inspiring new memoir, she chronicles the complete transformation of her life, and how she found incredible success and happiness against all odds. Today she is in the top 1% of loan officers in the country with over 18 years invested in the mortgage industry, Top Woman Originator, and was #1 for FHA lending in Illinois.
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