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Episode #1609
November 8th, 2023
Self Awareness
Most of us would like to be happier, have more influence, be better decision-makers, and be more effective leaders. What will it take for us to get there? It turns out self-awareness might be the most important muscle we need to develop. Having an accurate sense of who we are helps us to identify where we can improve. People with high self-awareness seem to understand what makes them tick and how to respond to life's challenges more effectively. Dr. Dravon James, who has a doctorate in pharmacy from Creighton University, shares the many surprising roadblocks, myths, and truths about what self-awareness is and what it takes to improve upon it. She’s a transformation specialist and founder of the Next Step Leadership Academy, a company that empowers women to reach their next level of greatness. She is also a coach on SiriusXM and an actress with recurring roles on HBO’s The Wire.
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