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Episode #1586
August 16th, 2023
Nuturing Boys
When author Shelly Vaziri Flais MD – a Persian American raised in a home where her father taught her she was equal to males – was pregnant with her twin sons (with a toddler boy already at home), the thought of raising three future men led her to wonder, “What steps can I take as a parent to defy prevalent generational and societal messages like male stereotypes and toxic masculinity? How can I help my sons not only become full humans in touch with their creative, nurturing sides, as much as their athletic, physical sides, but also become empathic, educated allies?” She now shares conversation-starting questions, age-based suggestions for books to read and movies to watch and discuss together and tips for addressing specific hurdles like division of physical labor and of emotional labor. She is a board-certified practicing pediatrician, an American Academy of Pediatrics spokesperson and a frequent media contributor.
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