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Episode #1575
July 5th, 2023
Unlikely Felon
Imagine taking care of a loved one, dedicating years of your own life to do it. Thus, began a journey that spiraled into a nightmare for Will Young and his wife Kay. Will’s grandparents needed elder care.This ambitious couple decided to take on the responsibility, while at the same time raising their own young children and pursuing their entrepreneurial goals. On a cold day in February 2011 there was a knock at the door.This was no courier service delivering a package. This was the police, many of them, instantly swarming their home. In mere moments, their lives shattered into a billion pieces. Peppered with humor, Will and Kay's adrenaline-charged and hellish ride through the legal system is the story of people doing their best to help loved ones. It's also about being in jail―literally and figuratively―and how quickly the American dream can become a nightmare. Young, a finalist for the Denver Business Journal Philanthropy Day Corporate Citizen of the Year Award, is a dynamic motivator who delivers keynotes around the world.
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The Unlikely Felon: A Memoir of Ambition, Elder Care and JailBuy
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